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Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and discover how they're reshaping the landscape of work and wealth. 

It's time to demystify crypto and take charge of your financial future!


  • Easy-to-Complete, Self-Paced Online Modules
  • Practical Resources, Checklists, and Milestones 
  • Student-Focused Guidance for Onboarding Best Practices

The Reviews Are In!

What past participants have to say about AEA Courses!

"WOW! What a class. With Cash to Crypto as my foundation, I feel much more equipped to continue learning and to be a part of this digital economy."

Kathleen W.

"This course reinforced my basic understanding of cryptocurrency and took it to another level via engaging presentations and interactive discussions."

Claudia M.

"Tonya completely removes the fear factor. This is a must-take course if you’re curious about things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies."

Shontavia J.

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

"Whether we like it or not, digital money is here to stay so it is imperative that we learn about it from those who operate with integrity and choose to educate us about it."

Jumoke D.

"Prof. Evans brilliantly pulls back the curtain on the buzzing world of digital currencies. Whether you're a techie, an entrepreneur, or just curious about what’s next in the world of money, this is your ticket in."

Harold H.
AEA Partner

"Professor Evans doesn’t merely present concepts; she makes them accessible, drawing parallels between the tangible world and the digital."

Sandy K.
DMD Reviewer

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder
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